Introducing My 7 Day SEO Boot Camp for Bloggers!” You Will Receive 7 Days of In-Depth Search Engine Optimization Training that Will Give You Top Rankings in the SERPs, plus Unlimited Volumes of Traffic to Your Site!

Along with the SEO training, You Will Find Blog Improvements, Plus Many Other Blogging Secrets that only the Pro Bloggers know that Will Help Increase Exposure for Your Site.

To show the Desire to Understand and Sense All the Information that You Can about Search Engine Optimization, then Putting Forth the Effort to Optimize Your Site to its Potential, is What thing give you the results that you are expecting, and Allow You to Stand Out from Your Competition!

Here is a Sneak Peek into the “7 Day SEO Boot Camp Training!”

Lesson # 1 – “Understanding SEO will cover the search-engine basics – the beginning of the Internet. This lesson will break down the Search Engine, including the Search-Engine Results Pages (SERPs), brought to you by the Crawlers, Spiders, and Robots. Databases, Quality Score, PageRank, and the notorious Algorithms are discussed along with gaining ground by putting Search Engines to work for you.

Lesson # 2 – “Keywords and Your Web Site!” will cover the importance of Keywords, along with choosing the right keywords for your site. I will be including the Broad keywords compared to Specific keyword phrases; Stemming and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keyword Research, along with Keyword Research Tools to get the job done.

Lesson # 3 – “Understanding the Roles of Links & Linking!” will cover how links affect Search Engine Optimization… it will cover the importance of Inbound (Backlinks) Linking Strategies, along with Outbound Linking & User-Friendly Internal Content links for your site.

Lesson # 4 – “Optimizing Your Site with Tags!” will cover the Title tag, Description tag, Keywords tag, Anchor tag, Header tags (h1, h2, h3), Text Modifiers, and the Image ALT tag, which if all of these are correctly used, will improve your site’s search engine rankings!

Lesson # 5 – “Making Your Content Writing Search Engine Friendly!” will cover every aspect of structuring your content correctly for people and Search-Engines alike; this lesson will include proper Keyword Density, writing length for Article Submission, avoiding Poor Grammar, Writing Compelling Headlines to write in an original voice; a complete Keyword-Enriched web site makeover if you choose, plus the importance of Pinging your Blog for updated content.

Lesson # 6 – “Search Engine & Directory Submissions; SEO Tools & Plug-ins!” will be covering Search Engine Submissions, submitting your site to Directories, maximizing your exposure with RSS Submissions, HTML Site Validation, and SEO Browser Tools & Plug-Ins.

The Final Lesson # 7 – “Getting Unlimited Traffic to Your Site!” will cover Blog Participation, including an excellent code to narrow your Blog search that allows for commenting on High PageRank .edu and .gov sites; Participating in Forums, offering your content through Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and e-Mail, SEO benefits of Article Submissions, including Press Releases and Social Media sites.

As I State in MY FINAL Lesson: “SEO is a Comprehensive Approach to Improving Your Search-Engine Rankings. Like, it Requires attention to the Whole website. That will be better to optimize some portions of your website and Leave Other on-site SEO points that need to be attended.”

All of the above lessons will be covered in-depth, plus all are written in plain, easy to follow English. I am old-school anytime there is direction given, you will find easy to follow instructions, plus example images and plug-ins to make your life for the task at hand easier.