It’s true and so very important.

SEO has been plagued for years with Cowboys. Companies and individuals who promise the world, making exuberant claims with outlandish guarantees. Very often, these companies then fall short of the bar they set themselves.

The thing about SEO nowadays, with Google so very much in control of a monopoly on Search Engines, that it is impossible to predict the direction that it will take. One change in the algorithm could turn the SERPS on its head, and no one could have had the foresight to not only predict it but to play to it.

That’s why the world of SEO is now very different from what it was. Rather than relying on ticking the box with Google, you have to be able to drum up traffic from every corner of the internet to protect your web presence. Using Social Media, Press Releases, and providing content are all methods that should be adopted to ensure that you are as ‘safe’ as you can be.

Take what you hear with a pinch of salt – if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. There is no ‘quick fix’ anymore. A comprehensive, well rounded, a well-executed strategy is the only solution to building your web presence nowadays. Someone who promises a ‘Guaranteed position in Google in X amount of time‘ doesn’t know the first thing about Google…so walk away. Quickly.

So, just as Google has to try and ascertain which sites to rank based on trust of their authority on the selected subjects, clients are left with the equally tough decision of choosing an SEO provider who will tell it to them as it is, someone they can trust.

If you need to develop your web presence, then don’t be afraid to ask every question going. However, make sure you get answers that you’re happy with and that importantly you understand. Don’t let providers blind you with jargon or ‘technical speak.’ It’s of no benefit to you unless you can translate what it means to your actual business. Remember, part of the SEO process is learning what you can do to help. If at any point you feel things are getting out of control, take a step back and look at the facts, the black and white of it all.

Remember, trust is the key! If a Cowboy company gets a-hold of your site, then you could find Google losing faith in it very quickly! There’s no such thing as short cuts any more! Please do let us know if you’ve had any bad experiences, don’t be afraid to name and shame!