Sometimes, domain name became the primary ranking factors that a search engine uses to rank your money keyword. Selecting a Brandable Domain Name that relates directly to the purpose of your business can increase the likelihood that any search engine such as Yahoo, Bing or Google will rank your website for that specific keyword. 

You have two choices… choose a domain name that contains your keywords and phrases that your website is about, or choose a domain name that is brandable. When finalizing a website name, try to include EMD or EMD, if possible, like one or two of the main keywords to your web site that you are trying to rank for.

If your website is trying to create a new brand or develop a new niche in the market, consider registering a domain name that contains as few characters as possible. Make it short and easily recognizable for even the least experienced web users. Avoid using multiple hyphens in your domain name because hyphens may be seen negatively by search engines.

My Domain Name for an SEO Advantage!

Back in September of 2010, I started a blog called, to pass on search engine optimization tips to help bloggers increase exposure and traffic to their web site.

When I was looking for a domain name through that had the words in them that would explain the theme of my site, I typed in ‘SEOBlogTips’, but the ‘.Com’ version of the domain name was being used. This domain name would have been the perfect fit for what I am specializing in, Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogs.

I continued my search for available domain names with those 3 little letters in the ‘SEO’, but was still not happy with the results… I finally came across as an available domain name. Unfortunately, I felt like I settled for this domain name… it had all the right words and letters in it, but it was long-winded.

Even though I went with this long-winded domain name, I was able to rank on the first and second pages of Google, for about 30 keyword phrases, within a period of a couple of months.

One day last week when I just happen to be on the Godaddy website for technical support, I thought I’d type the words ‘SEOBlogTips’ into the box to see about the availability of the domain… you won’t believe what I saw next… “This Domain is Available as a Premium Domain.”

What that means is that there is a dollar figure attached to this domain name… 280 George Washington to be exact. Because there is a reason a large dollar figure is attached to these Premium Domains, I paid the amount of the $280.00, and here I am to pass on Search Engine Optimization Blog Tips, with an easy to remember, non-long-winded domain name to go with it.

Even though my Alexa Traffic Ranking started at 21 million and some change the first day I fired up the site, it shouldn’t belong to where I’m in the 200K’s once again.

Closing Comments About the SEO Advantage of the Domain Name!

The domain name that you choose for your site should be precisely chosen and it should contain your most important keywords that represent your site. If you find a domain that fits your site to the letter, but it comes at a premium price, you may consider investing in the domain, because most likely you will get a positive return on your investment.

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